Blog Post #6


Hello everyone. It has been quite a semester for me. Over this course, I had done a number of assignments that have improved my understanding of recording, editing, blogging, and media production.

I would say that my biggest challenge this semester came from having to move outside the classroom. The quarantine made everyone of use take to online classes in order to continue the course. This has reduced my ability to practice in the higher grade cameras and use of a studio, but I think this has been a good lesson in adapting to the situation.

I think that my biggest takeaway from this situation is to try to stay adaptable. Which is something that I think is an important lesson in media production. In a job where you have to be on the go with a camera or finding the right way to piece something together you need to be adaptable and ready to learn ways to achieve your goals.

Overall, I had a good time taking this step in my education. I plan to still be in college for awhile yet, but I think I will come out better for it in my career and life. I am grateful for this opportunity to meet others who are also striving to do the same. I hope that we can meet in person again this fall.

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