Post #3


Hey everyone. I hope you guys have been alright. The past week has been really busy for me. Definitely the single biggest thing for me was spending all of last Saturday on my second ethics case paper. You would think that seven pages could be done quicker, but I guess that’s just me trying to get it perfect. I’ve also worked on a journal entry for that same class, production workbook chapters, a PR group project, and I’m setting up for a photojournalism assignment.

I think that I’ve been learning a lot over the past two months. I admit to have some trouble keeping up due to the sheer amount being piled on over multiple classes. However, I think that I’m getting better as things go on. I’m currently getting ready to write in preparation for a commercial and show for production. I know that I have more papers and speeches to write, news to find for reports, and so on really soon.

I’m honestly a bit surprised at how fast this semester has gone so far. I started this semester on the 13th of January. Now I’m nearly at the halfway point as I move towards March. If I remember correctly, the ninth will be the exact halfway point. The ninth will also be my Spring break though, so maybe I can get a bit rest for a few days. What do you guys think of things so far?

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